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The Bank Card Association (BCA), established from the Interbank Payment Card Association, is an interest group of legal entities - banks, financial institutions and possibly other organisations whose interest it is to expand payment cards in the Czech Republic and coordinate the work relating to this expansion. The Bank Card Association was registered by the District Court in Praha 1 on 14th September 1992 according to 20 i, paragraph 2, Act No. 47/92 Coll. under ref. no. 22/92.

Scope of BCA activities can be divided into 5 areas
a) Technology
b) Security
c) Legislation
d) Statistical indicators
e) Educational aktivity

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cardmag is a czech independent technical paper in sphere of payment cards. Quaterly it comes up with information about marketing, technologies, security, legislation, statistics from home and abroad and also about project SEPA. Cardmag brings out comments, glossary and analyses related to payment cards. Furthermore, you can find there original reports right from domestic market, profiles of regions, companies and personalities from the world of payment cards.

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